40 Points Check List – What’s included in Normal a Cleaning

  1. Remove cobwebs
  2. Dust shelves and pictures
  3. Clean mirrors and glass
  4. Polish towel racks in bathrooms
  5. Fold toilet paper into triangle
  6. Spray and clean WC tiles
  7. Scrub and dry bathtub, shower floor & walls
  8. Scrub inside and out of toilet and dry outside; clean base of toilet
  9. Clean toilet paper holder and wipe shelves;
  10. Clean and dry shower door, track and glass
  11. Clean all light fixtures (reachable not ceiling)
  12. Scrub and dry kitchen sinks polish chrome
  13. Wipe clean kitchen counters
  14. Clean front of all reachable kitchen cabinets & handles
  15. Tidy personal items on sinks including towels
  16. Empty garbage; replace bag
  17. Clean outside of microwave
  18. Dust clean hood vent
  19. Damp clean stove top, front and control panel
  20. Clean front of refrigerator, dishwasher and oven, including all handles (outside)
  21. Clean top of refrigerator (if reachable by hand)
  22. Hand wash breakfast plates only
  23. Empty garbage and replace bags; clean trash cans
  24. Clean table and chairs
  25. Clean light switches and doorknobs
  26. Clean mirrors and glass
  27. Dust furniture
  28. Dust reachable pictures and shelves
  29. Wipe couches
  30. Tidy area, fold blankets, arrange and wipe clean seat pillows
  31. Change bed sheets and make beds
  32. Wipe closets outside (reachable only)
  33. Dust an wipe internal doors and frames
  34. Vacuum floors
  35. Vacuum carpets
  36. Mop floors
  37. Clean entrance mats
  38. Clean all doorways (Glass Doors)
  39. Switch off the lights and lock windows & doors
  40. Inform about alarm activation

Add on – Charged for a few extra euros:

  1. Windows inside & outside
  2. Shutters – Filarakia
  3. Dish Washing / Loading Dishwashers
  4. Machine washing
  5. Oven
  6. Floors deep cleaning
  7. Ironing
  8. Baseboards
  9. Pets living in the house
  10. Inside Refrigerator
  11. Outside Garbage area
  12. Outside Garbage Bins
  13. Patios & Verandas
  14. Clutter (charged if we needs to arrange clothes toys, boxes, toys shoes to be able to clean)
  15. Spot removals from walls
  16. Inside Cabinets
  17. Inside drawers
  18. Inside closets